Sportscar Club of America (SCCA) and Lone Star Region (LSR)

SCCA is the premier amatuer auto racing organization in North America.  Lone Star Region is the local Central Texas chapter.

We race everything from Formula Cars (think Indy/F1 but on a smaller scale), GT cars (looks like production car bodies on special purpose tube frame chassis'), Production and Touring cars (performance enhanced street cars) and special "SPEC" classes where all the cars in the class are the same and it's the driver's abilities that get it to the front (these are Spec Racer Fords (as shown in the picture tothe right), Spec Miatas, and a few classes of Formulas cars (open wheel/open cockpit).

Don't have a car but want to get close to the action?  Come volunteer for a specialty...you can't get closer to the action.

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Lone Star Region

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